89 Recipes

Microwave Brownies

5 minutes prep time Makes 16 Brownies

Fudgy, sweet and chocolate-y all over, and made in a snap! Almost no cleaning required afterwards!

Naan Breads

Prep:20min Cook:4min Ready in:24min Serves 4

This simple recipe produces fabulous naan under the grill – beautifully light and soft. Best of all, they are quick and fun to make.

Easy Curry Recipe

Prep:20min Cook:15min Ready in:35min Serves 5

Simple and quick to make.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

20 minutes

This is a rich and moist chocolate cake with an added bonus of only takes a few minutes to prepare.

Giants Toes Sausage Rolls

15 minutes prep time Serves 16 Toes

Great for a Halloween party & easy to make. They look like a giant's toe but taste much better!