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Tuna Melt Wedges and Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets With Tuna Melt Potato Wedges

Cook Time: 50 mins 4

Call them nuggets, dippers, or goujons, this is my healthier, home-made spin on a fast-food classic – and the wedges are a delicious way to get your family eating more fish!

The Ultimate Spag Bol

The Ultimate Spag Bol

5 minutes 4-6

I wanted to create something that’s big on flavour but simple to do and without any faff’y ingredients (I also figured I may as well sneak in some veg while I’m at it). This one’s been tested on my own family with big tomato-stained mouths all round. Guys – it’s a winner!

Cheesy Marmite Popcorn

Prep Time: 5 mins / Cook Time: 5 mins Serves approx 4

This is my healthier, and cheaper, version of crisps. Do cut back on the Marmite if you prefer it less strong (my son however is a Marmite fiend!)