Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Named New Charity Partner

Scotmid has announced Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland as its 2019/20 Charity of the Year – aiming to raise £300,000 to support stroke survivors to rebuild their lives and thrive.

The year-long partnership Scotmid aims to not only raise a substantial amount of funding but also to increase awareness of the vital work the charity carries out in helping people, who have suffered a stroke.

In the communities served by Scotmid, one in five people are affected by chest, heart or stroke conditions. 100,000 strokes take place in the UK every year and more people are surviving. Leaving hospital is only the start of their rehabilitation journey. Without support, survivors can be left feeling anxious and frustrated, which can lead to social isolation and depression.

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland support people across the communities, which are served by the retailer’s stores, to rebuild their lives.

The rehabilitation support workers and volunteers help people, who have survived a stroke, to achieve the things that are important to them, so that while their life will never be the same again, it will still be worth living.

Staff across Scotmid’s food stores, Semichem stores, Scotmid Funerals and Lakes & Dales stores in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England will take part in various fundraising activities including bake sales, sponsored runs, zip slides, triathlons and much more to support the charities.

Jane-Claire Judson, Chief Executive at Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have been chosen as Scotmid’s Charity of the Year! The new partnership will help thousands of stroke survivors and their families in Scotland rebuild their lives.

“Throughout the year Scotmid will be raising money to fund our vital Rehabilitation Support Services. Our services support people after a stroke to regain their confidence, achieve their personal goals and get back to doing the things they love. We are really looking forward to working together to help ensure there is no life half lived in Scotland!”

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